Alex P
Alex P

Alex P is the nickname i use for my work.
I was born and live in Athens Greece. I work as a web developer – designer and graphic designer, mostly as a freelancer.
I love music, movies, and several forms of what we call arts in general. I also like everything that has to do with technical working.

I started my studies in 2003 in a public training school, with a basic seminar on the Use of Information and Communication Technologies.
In 2004 i continued with a professional course in a private training school “DELTA” on graphic design with subsequent practice.
Between 2005 – 2006 I followed an intensive course in a private school “INTERGRAPHICS” on web design (Html – Action script).
I wanted to learn more about programming and 1 year later, i took some basic lessons also in a private school “EXPERT IN“,
on programming with PHP and on relational databases management system (Mysql).
In 2011 i participated in a seminar that was organized from the Multimedia Lab of the National Technical University of Athens.
The subject was JAVA programming and was held with an E-Learning system.
In 2019 i had my last seminar from Google’ s Learn Digital Lessons “Grow Greek Tourism Online” followed by the corresponding certification.
The title of the courses was “Basic principles of web marketing”.

In my spare time i am still trying to learn new things about my job and is always a pleasure for me to find new stuff.
As for my work, among others i have dealt with Graphic design such us album covers, professional cards, logos, flyers, t-shirt stamps, wedding cards,
Image & Photo editingWeb design & Development (CMS Joomla & WordPress – HTML – CSS), Interactive content,
Also i have worked as an E-shop administrator.