Images from movies

These pictures were selected, captured and edited as a part of a project called “edit movies”.


Images from ads

This project was part of a PhD thesis for the department of Marketing and Advertising in ATHENS UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS (AUEB).
I was responsible for structuring verbal-pictorial experimental advertising stimuli that have been used for scientific purposes.
More specifically, i was hired by Dr. Ioannis G. Theodorakis Post-Doctoral researcher at the Athens University of economics and Business (AUEB)
at the time while presently assistant Professor in Marketing at the INSEEC Business School-Grand Ecole de Commerce in Paris, to formulate a series
of non/rhetorically structured print ad stimuli that were employed in relevant experimental research projects.
In fact, most of those stimuli have been included in relevant renowned publication outlets such as Academic Journals (e.g., The Journal of Advertising),
Edited books (e.g., Advances in Advertising Research) and relevant Conference Proceedings (e.g., European Marketing Academy Conference – EMAC).


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